Prosper Theories

Freshers Recruitment

While recruiting, the recruiter would study the CV, map the qualifications and on the basis of one or two interactions, either select or reject a candidate.

There are researches that have proved that this may not be the best possible approach to select the right candidate who is best suited for a job. The better way would be to go for a common assessment or a psychometric test to be able to have a better understanding/profiling of the candidate. Many organizations are using a combination of psychometric assessments followed by personal interviews and this approach has proved to be beneficial for them.

There is a very strong correlation between psychometric testing and job performance. Scoring well would certainly indicate that your performance in the job scenario will be good. The predictive indications that a psychometric assessment is able to offer makes it very attractive for the recruiters.

Psychometric Assessments can be done very quickly and efficiently on a large scale and this is also one reason why Psychometric Assessments have become a norm in many organizations especially for the recruitment of freshers.

The key benefits of psychometric Assessments for recruitment are

1.Objectivity – With the help of Psychometric assessments, we can eliminate subjective decision making and bring more fairness to the entire process which is free from any discrimination and bias as all the candidates will be appearing for a standardised test. We will not be making our decisions just on the basis of our instinct.

2.Accuracy – Through Psychometric Assessments, the organizations can judge the abilities of the candidate to analyse information, solve problems, and also analyse their traits and behaviours. By having all of this information about all the applicants, the hiring organization can make faster decisions based on scientifically-backed comparisons of candidates.

3.Speed – It is not easy to assess hundreds of applicants for fresher positions and the time that it would take to look through all applications fairly will be quite a big task. With the help of Psychometric Assessments, the recruiters can reduce the no of applications drastically to a size that is manageable for the organization.