Prosper Theories

Career Counselling for Class 7 & 8

Have you ever thought about why career counselling is essential for students of grades 7 & 8? Well because, your child may waste a lot of possibilities, efforts, and time if careers are not thoroughly researched and picked at the right moment. It is increasingly tough to withstand the competition and recent advances in careers. Class 7-8 is an ideal time to begin the professional decision-making process. We assist the students in gaining a realistic understanding of all job alternatives; the key to success has the proper career knowledge.

We at Prosper Theories believe that children of 13 years old should work on their strengths and not weaknesses. Our counselling sessions let the students understand their learning style to make learning more accessible and less stressful in the future. Our career counselling program helps the students to find their interests, strength and careers associated with them with the help of our assessment programs. The primary role of the session is to find out the strengths, weaknesses, learning ability, communication ability, behavioural pattern and multiple intelligence of the students and then focus on fine-tuning them to prepare them for the board exams.

What We Offer