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Career Counselling for Institutions For School Level

Why Career Counselling for Institutions

The primary purpose of education is to train the students to excel in their careers. If the student cannot outshine in their career, then the purpose of education is nullified. Career counselling is a must at the school level for the students to select their desired stream as per the specialisation and interest. Now, whose responsibility it is to guide the students?

Though parents play a significant factor in the child’s career choice, we believe that educational institutions must take this responsibility and initiative because students spend most of their active hours in schools and colleges.

Anybody can wish to become an Aeronautical Engineer. But only students with an aptitude for science and maths can excel in aeronautical engineering. This is where Prosper Theories comes into the picture.

We genuinely believe that every educational institution must understand their students’ interest in a field, assess their aptitude and provide them with suggestions for taking up the best stream where they can succeed. We conduct psychometric tests to analyse the interests of the students. Students tend to be perplexed between their diverse interests, but these psychometric tests help them figure out their capabilities towards their interests.

What we Offer

Separate Orientation: We provide separate orientation for the parents and students to understand the importance of career counselling.

Assessment Tests: We at Prosper Theories conduct various assessments to identify a student’s career interest, abilities, and passion. Assessments play a vital role in making informed career decisions.

Counselling Sessions: Career counselling is a procedure that focuses on assisting students in better understanding themselves and work trends so that they may make educated career and educational decisions. We provide individual career counselling or mass counselling depending on the institution’s package.

Coaching/ Training Program: We offer coaching tips to students to improve upon and perform better.

How Does this Work?
Infrastructure Required at the School

For Assessment: Desktop with minimum P2 processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB HD, TFT Monitor, Mouse & Keyboard with minimum 512 Mbps internet connectivity.

For Counselling: For student counselling, we provide a contact number that they can use to call on the scheduled time slot. Whereas for the teachers and parents, the institution should organize the place and logistics.

For Coaching: Device with internet facility to receive an email regarding the coaching tips and share the feedback.