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During their college years, students must make several decisions. These include everything from picking which classes to pursue outside of their primary topics to determining which internships would benefit their career. However, the most critical decision that each college student must make is what to do after graduation. Practically every other decision a student takes in college centers on their plans after graduation, whether to continue studying or get a job.

What you do after graduation will significantly influence both your current and long-term aspirations. This decision becomes tough since it is affected by several elements such as interests, costs, opportunities, etc. For example, while completing your degree, you may discover that your genuine love is elsewhere, and you may opt to pursue a career in that subject after graduation. But what if that profession necessitates taking a separate course after graduation, something you are unwilling to do?

It is beneficial to get the advice of a Career Counsellor to ensure that you do not make a mistake at this critical moment in your life. A Career Counsellor will walk you through the whole decision-making process and suggest whether you should work after college or seek a postgraduate degree that is useful to you.

What We Offer

At Prosper Theories, we believe that one cannot get their dream job by just becoming a rank holder, and instead, they must adapt to real-life issues that come with the profession of their choice while ensuring to crack the placement. This is where we come into the picture. We at

Prosper Theories provide exceptional training for third year engineering graduates and first-year MBA graduates to fine-tune the skills required for their job. Our career counselling is available to students who are to be graduated. It prepares you to make the best possible professional decision, and it also helps avoid any last-minute confusion or delays.

We recognize the student’s natural potential and assist them in,