Prosper Theories

Career Counselling for Class 9 & 10

Age 14 appears to be a perplexing age for students, who are under the stress of several activities taking place simultaneously in the school. Many parents may believe that class 9 is too early to get career counselling, yet the benefits of such sessions are sometimes overlooked. Class 9 appears to be one of the most complicated academic years in education, making time management and academic excellence a problematic task. Career counselling sessions would also assist students in furthering their stream decision after class ten, which may be difficult for pupils unaware of their abilities.

What We Offer

We at Prosper Theories offer a career counselling program for classes 9 and 10 based on the child's aptitude and interest. If the child doesn't have either of them, they cannot excel in their career. We map the interest and skills of the student and come up with stream and career options for the students to choose from.

We provide a comprehensive program for the students where along with the aptitude and interest profiling, we also give them the experience of various professions. The students are exposed to multiple professions based on the inclination shown by the students. Our mentorship program helps them understand what the career entails in the real world.

At the end of the counselling program, the student will have clarity on which stream to choose after their 11th grade. Here the trick is to match aptitude and interest. Any student passionate about becoming a navy officer should have an aptitude for mathematics and science; otherwise, they cannot excel in the field. So, our work is to assist the student in picking the right stream and subject combination in class 11th, where their aptitude and interest go hand in hand.