Prosper Theories

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are scientifically researched and tested tools designed based on various psychological theories and principles established by the world’s renowned psychologists and researchers of human behaviour.

Here are the assessments we offer in School Level:
Kolb's Learning Style

Kolb’s learning style is an assessment that offers a way to understand an individual’s learning style and explain a cycle of experiential learning that applies to everyone. David Kolb believed learning to be the acquisition of abstract concepts that can be used flexibly in various situations.

PART Learning Style

PART Learning style helps individuals understand their preferred learning style, enabling them to learn smarter and faster. According to Peter Honey & Alan Mumford, who continued on the work started by David Kolb and landed on their theory of learning, the individuals learn effectively and easily while enjoying their journey and education experience if they are aware of their preferred learning style.

Vak Learning Style

Vak assessment is based on modalities – channels by which human expression can occur and is composed of a combination of perception and memory. This assessment was developed by psychologists in 1920 and helped the learners to identify their mix of strengths and preferences for learning.

Multiple Intelligence

Multiple intelligence helps individuals identify their suit of intelligence and use it accordingly to improve their learning. Howard Gardner believed that we all are intelligent, just that it varies from person to person. This form of intelligence may not necessarily make an individual an Einstein, but it can help him enhance his general intelligence using the intelligence he is born with.

Occupational Interest Inventory (OII)

The Occupational Interest Inventory (OII) is a tool that assesses and analyses a person’s vocationally significant interests. It evaluates professional preferences rather than a test of vocational aptitude or competence. The utilisation of interest patterns in educational and vocational counselling greatly enhances both the client’s and the counsellor’s chances of success.

Aptitude Battery Test

The Aptitude Battery Test is a professional career aptitude test that evaluates nine different aptitudes and may be used to estimate your chances of success in various occupations or training programmes. An aptitude is a natural ability to do well in tasks requiring a certain skill set; it refers to your inherent capacity to perform well in professions requiring a specific skill set. Previous experience does not influence ability.